Plant List

Below are just some of the specialist machinery that we have within our workshop. If you would like a more detailed list, please give us a call or send us an email.

Puma 250 LM

This CNC machine is capable of milling as well as turning with its unique ‘4th axis’ it has a turning capacity of 300mm diameter x 1200mm length

Puma CT

CNC turning centre capable of turning diameter 300mm x 500mm length

Puma 280

Very similar to the Puma CT in machining capabilities. This is one of our smaller CNC turning centres with a machining capacity of 200mm diameter x 250mm length

Lynx 200

Very similar to our Puma 8 with similar machining capacity

XYC CNC Machining Centre

This is the latest addition to our company. We have updated our supermax to a more modern and very sophisticated milling machine centre which has been interfaced with a ‘4th axis’ fully rotational dividing head

Colchester Manual Lathe

This manual lathe is capable of machining up to a diameter of 450mm x 1 metre length. This is mainly used for small batch work