OneCNC Cad/Cam

We use the new OneCNC Cad/Cam software for total flexibility, precision and control to operate our systems. The latest edition of the software is state of the art and our staff are trained on any updates.

OneCNC Hybrid modeling provides a powerful, fully functional CAD system with a large number of dedicated tools for constructing surfaces solids and geometry. Surfaces and solids can also be constructed from 2D drafting or 3D wire frame geometry. OneCNC has an extensive number of geometry surface and solids modification tools that can be applied to either existing geometry or imported models.

Because OneCNC is one cohesive integrated system the CAM is inherently just part of the system. Right down to the job sheets is all part of the one database and therefore accurately produced. Details can include who designed the part, who machined it and on which machine including the tools used. Cycle times are automatically created and are especially handy for estimating and quoting purposes calculating each function time separately. This enables the user to design and program the part to get the optimum times overall.